Licensee Requirements

Requirements for Consumer Products Licensees

There are a number of requirements that must be met to become and remain a consumer products Licensee of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI). Certain requirements are summarized below. However, satisfying these requirements does not guarantee that DCPI will grant a license. No licensed rights will be granted (or deemed granted) by DCPI until a definitive written consumer products license agreement has been agreed to and executed by both the licensee and DCPI.

International Labor Standards

  • Disney’s International Labor Standards Program (ILS Program) seeks to foster safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces wherever Disney-branded products are made. Licensees play a critical role in meeting these standards and will be expected to have the knowledge, capacity and control of their supply chain necessary to fulfill all obligations in this area.
  • Licensees must comply with the ILS Program requirements in order to produce Disney-branded products.
  • Prospective licensees may be required to complete an online capability assessment and a validation interview with a third-party service provider to evaluate their qualifications to meet the ILS Program objectives.
  • Please review the ILS Program Summary (.pdf) and Resource Guide (.pdf) for additional information and visit for more information, including access to the ILS Program Manual.
  • Licensees who produce fresh produce products are subject to additional requirements.

Product Integrity

  • Licensees must be knowledgeable of the product safety standards applicable to their licensed consumer products in all countries of distribution.
  • Licensees are responsible for ensuring that all of their licensed consumer products meet or exceed applicable product safety laws, regulations, and industry standards, and any additional Disney consumer product guidelines applicable to licensees, and are required to submit passing test reports to Disney for all licensed consumer products.
  • Licensees must be able to manage corrective action plans, including product recalls.
  • Licensees who produce food, health, and beauty products are subject to additional requirements.

Credit Evaluation

  • Licensees are subject to credit evaluations and may be required to provide security for their financial obligations under a consumer products license agreement (e.g., a letter of credit or guaranty).


  • Licensees must carry insurance with insurers acceptable to Disney, and naming Disney and its affiliates as additional insureds.
  • Required insurance policies and minimum coverage limits will depend on the licensed product categories.

IT System Requirements

  • Licensees must have sufficient IT resources and systems capabilities to interact with and support the use of our business, financial (e.g., royalty reporting and forecasting), and creative software tools, to provide secure internet access to Disney’s computer systems, and to ensure data integrity and information security on licensees’ computer systems.

Note Regarding Unsolicited Idea Submissions: It is Disney’s policy not to accept unsolicited submissions of creative ideas or materials, including without limitation, product samples and prototypes. For more details regarding this policy, please go to The Walt Disney Company’s “Terms of Use” at